The 3 most powerful and effective Law of Attraction methods


Welcome to! This page is the result of an extensive research about the most effective methods, techniques and formulas that you can use to manifest your desires with the Law of Attraction.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the people who participated to our survey​. If you have been successful with a method that has not been presented here, you can email us at contributions (at) and send us your experience (please, keep in mind that our approach to the Law of Attraction is strictly scientific, so if you decide to contribute, you should send us a complete case study). Let's start with the 3 methods now!

#1 Destiny Tuning

Created by Heather Mathews, a well-known life coach and transformational speaker, Manifestation Miracle can be best described as a complete personal development program that's designed to help men and women achieve their desires or goals by teaching them a little known technique called Destiny Tuning to harness the power of the Law of Attraction at the maximum level.

So what is this "Destiny Tuning"?

  • Destiny Tuning is centered around our personal energy that attracts “things” in our life, positive and negative. It’s a process and psychological technique that alters your personal vibration, which in turn alters your future reality. Energy and thought/feeling energy can be measured, and depending on the speed and frequency will determine if and when we get the goal, or if the changes we are after will occur or not.
  • Destiny Tuning is a scientific formula that unleashes manifestation and once you learn the process it can be applied to every area of your life to enhance every experience. Personal vibrational frequencies affect outcomes in every circumstance, so mastering and understanding your personal vibration is the key element to making a change in your life and the way to manifest any goal.
  • Living out this process daily will also have a very positive effect on the lives of the people around you, they will benefit and their frequency will be enhanced from just being in your presence! Have you ever been around a person who radiates light? Where you can feel their peace and genuine joy and you catch it. Imagine being that for all the people you love!
  • Most people researching law of attraction techniques are looking for ways to achieve a specific goal, achieve a certain state of being or expand their knowledge and consciousness. Destiny Tuning will help you to see and understand what areas in your life are sabotaging your frequency and it might not be anything related to your goal that is energetically holding you back!

How will Destiny Tuning help you?

  • You will gain awareness and understanding of your personal energetic frequency, how and why frequency is a very key component to manifestation, how it relates to The Law of Attraction, what sabotages personal energy, what fuels it and through completing the program, you will reawaken the “How To” to maintain and experience flow in your life.
  • Destiny Tuning is a doorway that allows you the option to permanently change your vibrational frequency from here on in, which is invaluable! You can get your copy of Manifestation Miracle from Heather Mathews' official website

#2 Cosmic Ordering Secret

Zoey Knightley believes that visualization, positive thinking, and other self-manifestation techniques are useless if you can’t eliminate major blockages in your mind. She says that the techniques in The Cosmic Ordering Secret program were designed to help you automatically remove these blockages from your subconscious mind, so you can manifest your desires in different areas of your life, like health, money, and relationships.

The pros of using "The Cosmic Ordering Secret"

  • It's quite different from other Law of Attraction methods. Admittedly, the market is flooded with books and programs tackling the Law of Attraction. However, the difference with The Cosmic Ordering Secret is that it also focuses on changing the “physical” aspect of the brain. To be more exact, the techniques Zoey Knightley provides will trigger the reorganization and creation of new neural pathways in the brain to bypass the things that prevent you from getting the things you want.
  • It's easy to follow and implement. It’s very easy to understand everything Zoey Knightley explains in the main guide and her instructions are very clear. There is also a useful recap of every session, and helpful tips on how to use The Cosmic Ordering Secret on an everyday basis, which makes it a very practical program.
  • It's a very comprehensive program. It's not just about attracting wealth, healthy relationships, and happiness into your life. The Cosmic Ordering Secret program will also help you to improve many other specific areas of your life.

The cons of using "The Cosmic Ordering Secret"

  • It's not a “work-overnight” system. The Cosmic Ordering Secret is not a magical solution to your life’s woes. It requires time and continued application of the techniques to manifest successfully whatever it is you want. If you’re the impatient type, this might not be the best option for you.

Our conclusion

  • Overall, we believe The Cosmic Ordering Secret is a very useful program that is absolutely worth your consideration. We really like that this program focuses on changing the “physical” aspect of the brain, and think that the great thing about this is that it doesn’t make you do crazy or extremely difficult stuff. In addition, the techniques are simple and doable, and the manual itself is clear and easy to follow (two important things that many similar guides are missing).

#3 Chakra Activation System

Stephanie Mulac is a speaker, author and life coach that has been helping people for over 20 years. She explains that over her years as a coach, she used a technique called Chakra Activation System to teach people how to get control of their lives by controlling their energy centers (your 7 chakras affect your relationships and influence the other areas of your life). In the end, she teaches you techniques to awaken your inner energy forces and use these forces to manifest your desires.

The pros of using "The Chakra Activation System"

  • It can help you both physically and spiritually. The Chakra Activation System will not only help you in achieving your goals, but will also help you feel more comfortable physically as well as spiritually.
  • It's easy to follow. Everything in this program is defined in a simple manner and it's very easy to follow and apply.
  • It improves your relationships. The Chakra Activation System can also help you in making your existing relationships stronger and experience compassion, empathy and true love.

The cons of using "Chakra Activation System"

  • Patience and commitment are required. It's important to say that the Chakra Activation System is not a magic pill, and you will need to commit to the program to succeed. In other words, don’t expect to get results overnight, and be prepared to put in some efforts when following Stephanie Mulac’s advice.

Our conclusion

  • In general, we truly believe that this system can help many people to attract new opportunities, raise their energy levels, become more confident, and improve their current lives dramatically by simply understanding their “energy centers” and how to get into balance.

So which is the best one?

According to the feedback we received by the people who voluntarily agreed to take part to our survey, the 3 methods presented in this page are the most effective step by step programs to get tangible results with the Law of Attraction.

We believe that all of them are awesome and that each one of them may be considered more useful to a particular category of people. However, the one that got more "votes" from our surveyees is definitely The Destiny Tuning Technique taught by Heather Mathews in her bestselling ebook Manifestation Miracle.

Manifestation Miracle is a program that works, it has been used by thousands of people out there and their testimonials have been very encouraging as well.​ Moreover, it comes with a full money back guarantee for 60 days.


Manifestation Miracle

By Heather Mathews

Start using The Destiny Tuning Technique to harness the power of the Law of Attraction at the maximum level.

Whatever method you choose to bring more health, wealth, love and happiness to your life, we would like to offer you right now a proven success formula made up of 4 very important principles: 1. Act now (don't procrastinate), 2. Commit to the method you have chosen, 3. Simplify your life (more and more every day), 4. Have fun!

Thank you very much for reading our review.